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CPC Certification

Certification in the personnel services industry is an indication of an individual's professional competence. The designation " CPC " ( Certified Personnel Consultant ) has been recognized as the industry standard, the public's assurance of quality service, and a recognizable criterion for selection by client customers.

To qualify for the Certified Personnel Consultant examination, the following criteria must be established: The candidate for the CPC exam must have two (2) years experience as an owner, partner, manager or consultant of a private placement firm and is currently employed in the industry. The candidate must agree to uphold the NAPS Code of Ethics, Standard of Ethical Practices and Certification Program Rules.

Certification assures that the individuals using the designation have been measured against meaningful standards of knowledge and conduct applicable to the personnel consulting business. They have mastered a body of knowledge, been tested and earned the right to be recognized as a professional in their field. Since 1961, over 8,000 members of the personnel services industry have earned the right to call themselves a Certified Personnel Consultant.

Larry E. Yoksh, CPC is the founder and Managing Director of AmiTech Group.  Larry achieved recognition as a Certified Personnel Consultant in 1990 and maintains ongoing certification with The National Association of Personnel Services ( NAPS ).